Welcome to Tuareg-Travel Espíritu Viajero, a project formed by Tuaregs, guides, born and raised in the Sahara desert. We offer you a unique opportunity to live an unforgettable adventure, whether on foot, or on the back of a camel or 4 x 4. Tuareg-Travel team will guide them, will accompany and care for visiting exotic and inhospitable places, knowing and enjoying the culture and customs of the area.
We speak Spanish, French, English and Arabic, adapting to any type of traveler who can accompany us on our routes.

Tuareg-Travel Espíritu Viajero not dedicated only to tourism, but it worries also about the improvement of the conditions of life and help the development of the local environment of the visited areas. *

* Our team offers employment and development opportunities for the local people (drivers, cooks, guides, riders of camels, etc.).
We care of securing resources to the families that we receive and welcome along our routes, betting on the sustainability of the area and helping its people to maintain their traditional lifestyles intact.

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