Depending on the route chosen, leaving from Casablanca, heart cosmopolitan, industrial and economic of Morocco (and their city more big). He name of Casablanca militates in them large leagues of the art and of the history world of the art, because in them lists of them best movies, usually occupy the first since it tape that carries the name of this city of Morocco and in which Humphrey Bogart arrives to the Summit of the performance in the celluloid. Is can enjoy of the majestic beauty of the mosque Hassan II that makes to its time of breakwater. From here a path can be made by the four imperial cities, Rabat, Fez, the humble Meknes and the famous Marrakech.

Another option is to go from Casablanca to FES towards the desert of Merzouga and end in Marrakech, enjoying the beauty offered by the Atlas mountains to Marrakech.

* Our services are private, these are initial ideas but everything depends on the time to make your trip, we adjust to every traveller.

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